What is Informativa

Informativa started in 2009 and is the largest all-Slovenian Pre-Open Door Day, which takes place three weeks before the official Open Door Days in Slovenia and thus presents in one place an overview of educational programmess available in Slovenia and abroad – from high schools to universities, graduate and postgraduate programmes, further education and training, language courses, lifelong learning, etc.

15th Informativa in 2024 

Differently from Slovenian open door day, when University and Secondary School students can visit a maximum of three educational programmes in a year, Informativa allows students to get to know practically all programmes in one or two days.

As Informativa takes place four weeks before the national open-door day, young visitors have enough time to decide what programmes and relative three schools they should visit few weeks later and hopefully have an easier decision when turning in their school enrolment application in March.

In two days, Informativa offers more than 25,000 visitors from all over Slovenia the widest possible range of educational and employment programmes, a rich cultural, educational and accompanying program. As part of the Informative, the My First Job project will also take place in 2024, with which we want young people to get in direct contact with employers who offer scholarships, practical training, project work, student work or their first job.

Co-create a diverse educational and professional world for young people! Kindly invited to participate!


Location: Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Postponed to: January 19 and 20, 2024

Time: 9 am – 6 pm

Entrance fee: 0 €

Contact: [email protected]

Informativa over the years

Visitor profile

Secondary education: high schools, school centers, student dormitories;
Higher education: colleges, universities, dorm;
Studies or education abroad: programs and student recruitment agencies, providers of international mobility programs, providers of scholarships for study abroad;
Adult education, lifelong learning, additional education: adult education programs, language courses, professional excursions, creative workshops, etc.;
Scholarships, employment: scholarship providers and scholarship brokers, providers of student and student work, student and other employment services, providers of practical training,
Providers of (first) employment;
State institutions, public institutions: ministries, embassies, museums, etc.;
Professional, interest associations: societies, associations
Didactic aids, professional and youth literature, textbooks and manuals.

Participants profile

  • Educational institutions: High schools, Vocational colleges, Undergraduate universities, Faculties, Universities, Foreign language schools, Business schools, Institutions for lifelong learning, Educational centres and institutions, Companies offering management education, Libraries.
  • Employers and scholarship givers: Companies offering scholarships, Companies offering opportunities of practical training, internships or employment, Regional development agencies and other organizations offering or mediating scholarships, Student and other brokerage services, Agencies.
  • Non-governmental and other organizations: Organizations, societies and associations active in the fields of further education, vocation promotion, providing information on scholarships and employment opportunities, Students’ unions and organizations, Counselling centres and points.
  • National institutions programmes: Ministries, Embassies, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (CPI), Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund, Employment Service of Slovenia, etc.
  • Publishing houses and media
  • Education aids providers
Informativa se je pričela že leta 2009 in je do danes največji vseslovenski predinformativni dan, ki se odvija štiri tedne pred uradnimi informativnimi dnevi.

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