My first job - Aiming for the best

The project My First Job aims to put young people in direct contact with employers offering scholarships, practical training, project work, student work or a first job. 

The transition from the education system to the active population can be very difficult as a result of lack of information, inexperience, incorrect preparation for job interviews, lack of motivation and lack of self-confidence. We want young people to enter the labour market with confidence and determination, to understand how the labour market works and to know what the most important information is that will give them an advantage over other candidates for employment. 

That is why for many years we have been organising a special exhibition area at the Informativa Education and Careers Fair – the MY FIRST JOB project, which brings together young people and future employers.

My First Job will take place on January 19 and 20, 2024 at the Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Download the invitation to participate in pdf. format by clicking on the image.

Why to participate

  • Present your jobs, scholarships and traineeships, 
  • get in touch with other exhibitors at the fair, 
  • present profesionals in a real working environment, 
  • constant communication with the labour market creates a reputation as a good employer and thus attracts the best candidates, 
  • build a pool of potentially suitable candidates, 
  • reach out to participants so that they become better candidates for your job with more developed skills. 

Target audience

  • 8th and 9th grade pupils from primary schools with their parents and guardians, 
  • students in their final year of school with their parents and guardians, 
  • students,
  • motivated young job-seekers looking for their first job, who want to build a successful business or professional career.

Cooperation opportunities

Exhibition space

  • Presentation with exhibition space (basic space size 4 m²),
  • quick introductory interviews,
  • Posting on the Informativa website – publication of the organisation and job description,
  • company announcement on Informativa social networks,
  • publicising the My First Job project and the participating organisations in e-mails sent to secondary schools and universities.

COLLABORATION PRICE: 420 EUR (22% VAT not included)

Exhibition space

(*photo is symbolic)

The projects that were presented in the past

Iskraemeco d.o.o., Cosylab d.d., Smart com d.o.o., Park Škocjanske jame, Lidl Slovenija, LTH Castings, Gostol-Gopan d.o.o., Kolektor Group d.o.o., Gen-i d.o.o., Belimed, d.o.o. S&T,  Agiledrop, Vouk, Siliko, Slovenska vojska, Policija, Agencija M Servis, Danfoss, Halcom d.d., Špica International, Trenkwalder and many others.


For any further coordination and clarifications, please contact:

Informativa Team