On 22 and 23 January 2021 you are kindly invited to join us in creating the biggest Slovenian pre-information event in the field of education and youth employment – the 13th INFORMATIVA, which will take place ONLINE!

Given the changes in 2020, we have found ourselves in a completely new form of event, which is a virtual world of events that is extremely safe, up-to-date and comfortable. A virtual event works on the same principle as a physical one, but with many benefits and customizations and features that are transferred to the digital experience.

  • A platform will be set up on the Informative website to provide all the information in one place in the most secure and convenient form.
  • In one place, the online event will present an overview of formal and informal educational opportunities from high school onwards, both in Slovenia and abroad.
  • Various professions and vocational skills, opportunities for international mobility, scholarship opportunities, employment opportunities, various accommodation options during schooling and other information relevant to the education of all generations will be presented.


Last year we – once again – exceeded our expectations as we documented a record number of more than 25.000 visitors. More than 250 different organizations, institutions and companies joined us to offer the youth and the adults as much information as possible on continuous learning and employment. We are very proud and pleased that we can attract so many young people with thirst for knowledge, and loyal and new exhibitors, who are INFORMATIVA’s treasure.

Who can participate in Informativa?

Universities, faculties, vocational colleges, secondary schools, foreign language and management schools, embassies, educational centres and institutes, public institutions for education, enterprises covering the field of management education and libraries.

Enterprises offering scholarships and possibilities of practical training and first job, student and other employment brokerage services and agencies.

Organizations, societies and associations which are active in the field of further education.

Ministry of Education and Sport; Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology; Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs;