Informativa through time

The 9th Informativa

On 27 and 28 January, the Gospodarsko razstavišče Exhibition and Convention Centre was transformed into an impressive place for young people. For the first time, the traditional pan-Slovenian open door day called Informativa was added a special feature, i.e. Arena mladih (Youth Arena), a fair for leisure activities of young people. Exactly two weeks before the official open door day, Informativa traditionally presented more than 300 different educational programmes of high schools and general upper secondary schools, school centres, vocational colleges, faculties and universities, as well as opportunities for work and study abroad. Visitors were also able to attend interactive presentations of different jobs and a diverse supporting programme. Arena mladih presented the lifestyle of young people as well as possibilities for leisure activities, sports and culture, travel and much more. Both events were officially opened with a performance by Nipke, the most popular Slovenian rapper at the moment, and an attractive dance performance by Artifex hip hop group. The visitors of Arena mladih and Informativa, including as many as 22,000 aspiring future high school students, university students and first-time job seekers, were able to soak in an abundance of impressions and significant tips on how to find information on their own. At the 60th anniversary of the European Social Fund (ESF), six national and public institutions were presented within a common exhibition place, including the representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Ministry of Public Administration, Employment Service of Slovenia, Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, Association of Wood Engineers and Technicians Ljubljana and Chamber of Commerce – Association of Wood and Furniture Industry. The new events of this year’s Informativa included Park tujine (Foreign Park), which hosted more than 20 foreign educational institutions, presenting educational and employment possibilities abroad, i.e. in Austria, Denmark, Croatia, France, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, the USA and Canada. The partner country of this year’s Park tujine is Austria – Advantage Austria. Additionally, we have prepared the first Znanstveni kotiček (Scientific Spot). The title Naj razstavljavec (Best Exhibitor) of the 9th Informativa was awarded to BIC Ljubljana.

The 8th Informativa

The largest Education and Career Fair in Slovenia closed its doors this past Saturday at 6 pm. Two exhibition halls, two lecture theatres, a stage and various venues attracted a record number of visitors. More than 20,000 future high school students, of which 2,000 in organised school groups from entire Slovenia, students and many adults, spent two days in the exhibition halls three weeks before the official open door day event, collecting information on schooling and educational possibilities, entry requirements, aptitude testing, employment after graduation and studies, compulsory internship as well as parallel studies and extra-curricular activities, learning about numerous professions right at the spot. At the exhibition place of the Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana, the profession of butcher was presented for the first time at the Informativa fair. The fair was attended by 7 foreign representative offices, and the title “Naj razstavljalec (Best Exhibitor) at the 8th Informativa was awarded to University of Ljubljana.

The 7th Informativa

The two-day education and career fair Informativa was a success back in 2015 as well. The Gospodarsko razstavišče Exhibition and Convention Centre was visited by approximately 20,000 people, who were presented with more than 200 Slovenian and foreign educational programmes and practical demonstrations of professions. Visitors included about 2,500 elementary and high school students from the extended Ljubljana region and different Slovenian areas. Informativa hosted about 40 educational events at three different locations and an event that, for the first time, offered tips on the final school trips and prom nights, i.e. the Unforgettable Conclusion.

Once again, the organiser recorded substantial response by schools, which brought their students to Informativa in organised groups. Almost 30 groups of elementary and highs school students from Ljubljana, Vrhnika, Dob, Domžale, Bistrica ob Sotli, Celje, Škofja Loka, Trebnje, Brežice, Kranjska Gora and Šentjur attended the event, especially on Friday and Saturday.

The 6th Informativa

The 6th Education and Career Fair INFORMATIVA has also been extremely successful. At the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre it gathered together a record number of 20,000 visitors, who were able to see the offers of more than 200 Slovenian and foreign educational programs and practical vocational demonstrations. Among them there were about 2,500 pupils and high school students from the whole Ljubljana region, as well as from Murska Sobota, Grosuplje, Krško, Novo mesto, Vojnik, Škofja Loka, Vrhnika, Celje, Cerknica, Sevnica, Škocjan, Trebnje, Žužemberk etc.., who visited the fair in organized groups. .

This year, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport joined the event as a partner, which had a special and pleasant importance to the organizer. The Ministry presented, in the common exhibition space, various organizations operating in the field of school education and vocational education, lifelong learning, science and technology disciplines.

During Informativa a national competition in vocational skills, Olimpijada poklicev – Slovenia Skills, also took place in three different categories: floriculture, quarrying and informatics. In the European competition EuroSkills, in the floriculture category, the winner among the six contestants was Jerica Žužek, Grm novo mesto/ Center of Biotechnology and Tourism / Agricultural School Grm and Biotechnology High School (under the supervision of Sabina Nemanič) while the second place went to Simona Romih from School of Horticulture and Visual Arts Celje (under the mentorship of Mojca Sodin), both will represent Slovenia as a team. Among the eight teams of the informatics category, Vegova Ljubljana team, composed by Ziga Zalokar, Aljaz Jelen and Timotej Gruden (under the supervision of Andreja Vehovec, Luka Filipic, Jaka Konda and Fedja Beader) won the first place. Among the three quarry stonecutters the victory went to Leon Mahnič under the mentorship of Jernej Bortolato.

Among the exhibition spaces visitors did not only gather information on education and careers, but also visited their favorite showroom. During the selection of the best exhibitor, the complimentary title of Best exhibitor of the 6th Informativa was awarded, for the first time, to Srednja upravno administrativna šola Ljubljana (Management and Administration High School of Ljubljana).

The 5th Informativa

Informativa, a two-day fair dedicated to education and career, which took place at Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre on 1st and 2nd February 2013, attracted almost 16 000 visitors, who took a close look at over 200 Slovene and foreign educational institutions and various practical presentations of professions. Among them, there were around 1 000 students who attended free tours of the fair. The prize for the best exhibitor of the 5th Informativa went, for the second time in a row, to the University of Ljubljana.

Young visitors of the 5th Informativa, who came by themselves or in company of their family and friends, walked around various exhibition spaces and gathered information about educational possibilities, admission requirements for different educational institutions, study abroad programmes, parallel studies, talent tests, internships and employment possibilities after completed studies. Adults were mainly interested in formal and informal forms of upgrading their knowledge. Vocational colleges’ exhibitors noticed an increased interest in natural science and technical programmes. Those who attended lectures were impressed by the motivational workshop A step into the world of possibilities (Korak v svet priložnosti), prepared by SPIRIT Slovenia, Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments, and the workshop Game is the way to success (Igra je pot do uspeha), prepared by the Institute for Creative Society TiPovej. Visitors listened with attention to Dejan Senekovič from University of Maribor application-information service, who explained the application and admission procedure for their faculties. Other interesting lectures were the business lecture hosted by the institute Mladi Podjetnik, the lecture about study and internships abroad prepared by CMEPIUS, fast reading workshop prepared by Kratos and the lecture about studying in the USA prepared by EducationUSA. Primary school students were impressed by the creative workshop that introduced them natural science and technical professions and the project A day for the girls (Dan za punce). Ljubljana Vegova High School of Electrical Engineering and Computing Science prepared an interesting presentation together with its students and Anton Aškerc Grammar School introduced its theatre group “Mi tud”.

The 2nd Business informativa

Education of the employed and those who are entering the employment is an invaluable investment in the future of companies and organizations. This is why, for the second time, we included the Business Informativa in the 5th education and career fair Informativa. On the 1st of February 2013, twenty-five companies presented themselves at a one-day conference and fair event dedicated to business and professional education. Fifteen lectures and thirteen exhibition spaces attracted around 500 visitors.

The 4th Informativa

The fourth Informativa, taking place on 20 and 21 January 2012 at the Ljubljana Exhibition Centre in Slovenia (Gospodarsko razstavišče), ended in the spirit of information seeking, oportunities, happy winners and optimistic views.

Almost 15,000 visitors were able to take a look at many education and vocation possibilities from more than 200 exhibitors. 1,200 pupils from Ljubljana and all over Slovenia visited the event in the guided tours.

They were able to gain information on basic education, upper secondary education, higher education and post-secondary vocational education, student exchanges, international schools, adult education, registration terms, employment, vocations etc.

The programme in the lecture rooms and the accompanying programme onstage also attracted a lot of interest among our visitors. Many perspective young presented their singing, dancing and other performances.

The 1st Business informativa

The 4th Informativa also presented a special novelty in 2012 - an event, intended for business and professional education. Knowing that educating employees and all those entering employment, is a priceless investition in the future of organizations and enterprices, we prepared within Informativa for the firs time the Business Informativa.

Business Informativa became be a unique one-day event in Slovenia, bringing together to one place companies, educational institutions and other organisations active in the field of business and professional education, training, counselling and publishing. In 13 lectures and on 12 exhibition spaces it was attended by 500 visitors.

The 3rd Informativa

The third Informativa presented a great introduction to education, scolarships and employment in 2011. The Biggest Slovenian Education, Scolarshops and Employment Fair took place on 20 and 21 January 2012 at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre in Slovenia (Gospodarsko razstavišče).

Again Informativa gave many information on high schools and higher education registrations, conditions, vocation possibilities, career orientation and self growth to 14,800 visitors, who were able to take a look at more than 190 exhibition spaces from the fields of higher education, scolarships in Slovenia and abroad and also on employment.

The fair exhibitions, the educational programme in four lecture rooms and the accompanying programme onstage were also full of visitors in search of information, counselling on schooling, vocational orientation etc.

The 2nd Informativa

he incredible success of the first Informativa in 2009 demonstrated to all of us that the young are very much aware of the importance of gaining information on schooling and employment at one single place.

By the slogans Ko bom velik bom … (When I grow up I will be…) and Tudi veliki se še učimo (Learning by growing) we decided to give visitors – the young and adults – as many information on education, scholarship and employment programmes available in Slovenia and abroad.

On Friday and Saturday, 29 and 30 January 2010 Informativa was supported by 168 institutions and programmes, 33 sponsors and 14,000 visitors. 31 educational events took place in lecture rooms, and 30 different presentations onstage, where 200 performers presented their schools, programmes etc.

Informativa 2010 novelty – the Fair Café – attracted many visitors who could, besides enjoying their coffee, also listen to 6 events inviting interesting guests to exchange a few words with them. The guided tours were again successfull. 1,500 pupils took a look at the fair participants programme and offer.

The 1st Informativa

The first Informativa was founded in 2009 when the project team decided to give the young as many information on scholarships, education programme and employment activities available not only in Slovenia, but also abroad.

Many participants decided to join us at this big event. 129 exhibitors, 21 sponsors and supporters and 13,700 visitors supported our idea.

Informativa 2009 prepared a wide educational programme in three lecture rooms, where 21 educational events, being prepared by 40 participants, took place. In order to share with visitors as many interesting moments as possible, a rich stage programme also took place, presenting 14 organizations.

The first Informativa proved to be very important to the youth, that is why 1,000 pupil visited it in guided tours. We also prepared for them a 50 % discount on train tickets offered by Slovenske Železnice (Slovenian railways).