Prize submission

10th Informativa Internet Prize Game

On the website the 10th Informativa Internet Prize Game will run until the end of the Fair. You can take part and promote your organization, product, brand, or service in the Internet Prize Game by donating a prize in the prize fund.

All you need to do is fill out the form below with the missing information, confirm the Terms and Conditions >>, and have the prize delivered to the Organizer’s address before the end of the prize game.

Prize registration deadline:
16. januar 2018
Prize game activation:
januar 2018
Prize game end:
28. januar 2018
Raffle and announcement of winners:
by 20. februarja 2018


*Required field.


NOTE: When submitting the e-form Registration of Prize, we kindly ask you to upload your logo in .jpg form and write down the web address to which the logo should be linked in the appropariate box. If you are not able to do so through the e-form, send them both (the logo and the web address) to: