E-Application 12th Informativa

Event Date:
24 and 25 January 2020
Early-Bird Application Deadline:
9 November 2019

A/ General Information:

*Required field.


B/ Forms of Presentation:

1/ Exhibition Space

fill in no. of units


All organizations participating in the exhibition area have to pay an obligatory ecological compensation which comes 2 EUR/ sq m and a 120 EUR obligatory registration fee per Exhibitor (organization and not per individual). The obligatory fee includes a standard entry in the event catalogue, the Exhibitor publication on the list of all participants on the website, on the floor plan at the event and the wi-fi.


Additional equipment of the exhibition stand can be ordered via e-form which will be sent to you together with the Exhibitors’ Manual at the end of December 2019.

A. Standard equipped exhibition space:

9 sq m; 12 sq m; 15 sq m; 20 sq m; 24 sq m or more (arbitrary)

  • Early-bird deadline: 90 EUR/sq m
  • Final deadline: 125 EUR/sq m

B. Unequipped exhibition space:

9 sq m; 12 sq m; 15 sq m; 20 sq m; 24 sq m or more (arbitrary)

  • Early-bird deadline: 70 EUR/m2
  • Final deadline: 105 EUR/m2

C. Joint use of exhibition space

number of Co-Exhibitors price: 312 EUR/co-exhibitor

D. Promotion counter
  • Early-bird deadline: 450 EUR/piece
  • Final deadline: 550 EUR/piece


The information for the standard event catalogue entry must be filled out by every exhibitor (except the title, the address, and the postal code).

Title of the Exhibitor: Official Title of the Organization

Address: Address of the Organization

Postal Code and City: Postal Code and City of the Organization

*Fill in the information of the contact person, relevant for the visitors (ie. enrolment representatives of a school, employment representatives in a company etc.)

Please, edit the style and grammar of your text before sending it, for the organizer does not promise to read the texts before publishing.

Publication of logo on the website (additional fee)

The logo should be prepared in .eps, .PDF or .AI format (vector form).

2/ Lectures, Workshops, Round-tables, Promotional Presentations

fill in the desired no. of units

A. Conference room rental for a lecture or promotional presentation

price: 292 EUR/hour

B. Programme at Informativa Forum

price: 145 EUR/uro

3/ Other Forms of Promotion

tick or fill in the desired no. of units

A. Distribution of promotional material
B. Billboard rental

price: 83 EUR/piece

C. Banner space rental

price: 626 EUR/piece

D. Jumbo poster space rental

price: 826 EUR/piece

E. Advertisement in the Exhibitor’s Manual

F. Advertisement on the plasma screen

G. Banner link or logo published on the website


None of the listed prices include 22 % VAT which is to be covered by the Participant. Unless otherwise specified, all the prices are valid for participation during the whole event and are not charged by day.

4/ Sponsorship packages

Find out more about the Sponsorship Packages by e-mail info@informativa.si or by phone + 386 1 300 32 19.