11th Informativa successfully concluded

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11th Informativa successfully concluded

On Saturday, January 26th the 11th Informativa, which annually presents a wide range of educational opportunities available to young people in Slovenia and abroad, closed its doors after a two-day event.

The organizers are very excited about the exceptional response to the 11th Informativa. This year, more than 25,000 visitors have visited it, including 2,000 children through guided tours, who were able to see the offer of more than 250 educational programs, 18 representations from abroad and as many as 13 employees under My First Employment.

All-day pre-information day for students, students and students

Exactly three weeks before the official information days, which will take place throughout Slovenia on February 15 and 16, young people at the 11th Informative were able to get to know the educational programs in one place. At the same time, they were able to obtain different information related to professions and education. The information, also known as the All-Slovenian Pre-Information Day, gave pupils, students and students the opportunity to learn about which schools or schools. faculties offer them programs and make it easier for them to decide which one they will attend on the information day and where they will then apply for enrollment. And so it was this year.


Every year, besides Slovenian, numerous foreign representations – faculties and high schools – were present at Informativa. This year, as many as 20 foreign and several foreign-affiliated organizations from Croatia, Hungary, and Austria presented themselves, as well as a presentation of education in the US and the French Institute.


This year there were numerous presentations of programs, enrollments and useful information on professions in the three lecture halls. At the Lecture Room, the presentations were conducted by the University of Ljubljana, which offered individual counseling to young people, answered how to avoid enrollment errors, how to make it easier to decide to enroll, etc. The small lecture room was filled with tips and information this time by the University of Primorska, where visitors found a lot of useful information on how the movement can affect memory, how to successfully enter a job interview, how to effectively manage money and time so that we both enough to find a suitable job for the future, to break down non-verbal communication and to understand it in others, whether the power of thought will be a new form of communication with the world, and whether space tourism, how language and forensics are linked in the next decades, and more . At the Open Lecture, presentations of the profession of Police Officer were held, certified trainer for behavioral profile Andreja Glavač showed how, through our potential, we can choose the most appropriate studies and more …

European Social Fund

Even presentations of the E-Student Service, where you have learned the importance of gaining experience and competences through student work, were not to be missed. Representatives of the University of Maribor have provided with information about the important dates of the application and admission process that the candidate must know, with Andreja Glavač, certified behavioral trainer you were able to choose the most appropriate studies through your potential, and again the European Social Fund has presented six institutions (Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Alimony) the Slovenian Fund, the Employment Service of Slovenia, the Ministry of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Administration, the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and the Center for Vocational Education and Training of the Republic of Slovenia.

My First Employment

For the second time, the youth employment project My First Employment was held within the framework of Informativa. Young people were able to get in touch with employers offering more than 100 jobs, scholarships, hands-on training, project and student work, and first employment at a joint exhibition space in the Kupola Hall (A2). Jobs were be offered by: IN2, Koper, Gostol – Gopan, Nova Gorica, Medis, Iskraemeco, Zavod, LTH Castings, S&T Slovenia, Hofer Store. Within the framework of the Informative, personnel were also searched for by the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Slovenian Police, Belimed, d. o. o., Gen-i, electricity trading and sales, Agency M servis and Austrian company Dynatrace.

We have donated 150 computers

The organizer, together with the Spirit of Time Society, gave 150 computer kits to students who could not afford computers, together with the Spirit of Time Society.

Best Exhibitor Award

As part of the selection, the exhibitor of Informativa 2019 was awarded the honorary title for the second year by the University of Ljubljana, which also receives a small Owl, Iva, under temporary ownership until the next selection. The finalists in the selection were Alma Mater Europe and the University of Maribor.

Informativa again in 2020

Informativa will be held again on January 24 and 25, 2020 at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, where it will offer an enormous amount of education and employment related content and enhanced supply from abroad.